Meifu Shinkage-ryû Members

Meifu Shinkage-ryû membership can be obtained by joining Honbu Dojo, a Branch, or a Keikokai. The current membership fee paid to Honbu Dojo in Japan is JPY 6000 per 6 months (paid to your dojo sensei). Additional fees may be requested by a dojo sensei (this depends on the circumstances and training arrangements from dojo to dojo). Membership fees allows members to participate in formal examinations. Regular Members of Meifu Shinkage-ryû receive a membership card validating their membership from the start date until the end date.

Members who operate a Branch or Keikokai receive a Branch Chief or Keikokai Leader Membership. MSR  Chiefs and Leaders are responsible for everyday running of the Meifu Shinkage-ryû school, student examinations, as well as organizing seminars or providing opportunities to join another seminar.

Meifu Shinkage-ryû training equipment (such as safety tools, Bo-Shuriken, and books) is available through a MSR Leader. Training tools meet specific criteria developed by Someya-Sensei and further improved by Otsuka-Sensei. It is not recommended that members purchase for instance lower quality and soft steel “MSR” Bo-shuriken.